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More than just a WordPress theme, Divi replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a new
website building platform that allows you create your website on the front-end in real-time. Now
you can make changes fast or create new content designs from scratch with an extremely superior
visual editor designed to help you whip up websites in record time.

WordPress Theme And Page Builder For Everyone

Divi combines stunning looks with a wealth of impressive features to deliver a complete member
experience for everyone including freelancers, website owners, and agencies.


Over 40 Website Elements

With over 40 website elements at your disposal, you can now create beautiful websites without
installing additional plugins.

Whether you need…

  • Call to actions
  • Blog sections
  • Testimonial boxes
  • Video sliders
  • Forms, etc.

Divi has your back.

What Customers Are Saying About Support Team

The best support I have ever had. Very quick to respond, usually in a couple of hours and always get a fix within a few attempts. Would recommend them highly.

Christian Thorne

The best support I have ever had

Love Divi, and more importantly, love their support.
They are constantly improving their product and always ready to assist. Rock stars!

Pascale Van Craeyveld

Rock star support for a great product!

Elegant Themes is Without a doubt the best service and support I’ve ever met.
The level of willingness to crack and solve problems that arise is above and beyond all expectations.
They do this professionally until the customer is fully satisfied.
highly recommend.

Debra Becker

Without a doubt the best service and…

First time working with anything other than WP preloaded themes. I am a very basic beginner, and self taught so it is wonderful to have support at hand as I usually sit all alone and struggle at odd hours of day feeling really dumb. The forums are good because there’s a range of people on there too and usually asking my same questions, and I imagine they will even get better as number of users increases. All in all using this has cut my trial and error time before getting up and running waaay shorter. I love how they make recommendations for plugins and then provide those plugins so I don’t have to go searching around the world for something that integrates. Really nice to have live people to work with!

Suzi Smith Sellers

Great to have live people to help

I own a website, but I am not a developer and know nothing about coding. Whenever I have a Divi update or customization need, Elegant Themes support always helps me and resolves my issues. I have worked with some of the support techs for so long that we feel like we know each other. Eduard and Karen are two of the BEST!

Howard Blount

Elegant Themes Support ROCKS!

Elegant Themes Tech support is amazing. They will stay with you through live support or email until they figure out the issue. Truly amazing support!


Elegant Themes Tech support is amazing

Ready To Start Creating Beautiful Websites In
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DIVI Theme Review

Word Press is all about themes, and that is one of the main reasons why themes play a vital role in setting up the Word Press! But today we are going to talk about a very special one, namely the DIVI theme.
DIVI is one of the popular themes under Word Press provided by elegantthemes.com, and that for sure is for some obvious reasons; it has a lot of features and flexibility to provide you with.

It has always been tough to find technical features in your Word Press theme such as drag and drop building, visual editing, Inline text editing, global elements and styles, custom CSS control, and a lot more!
But thanks to our DIVI theme, it offers you everything you need.

Drop building feature:

With the DIVI theme, you get to delete, add or move the elements without adding complex coding. So now, you would not have to worry about drag and drop functionality on the front side of your website. It is all just one drag away!

True editing in visual mode:

Another appreciable thing about DIVI is its visual Editing; With the DIVI theme, you can design any page of your website being in real-time. And that means as you design your page, it shows you the results right away! And you can easily visualize the design of your website.

The DIVI builder is an internal feature and a module of the DIVI theme. You can use this feature to customize and create a beautiful front end of your site. This DIVI builder gives us to see everything visually, and all the changes are reflected in a run time environment as soon as we make them. This makes it quite easy to not only just visualize but see the actual implementation of the features.

Complete control of Custom CSS:

This is one of the important aspects of any theme, as having custom control over CSS allows the developer to attach and combine their CSS coding with visual design.

DIVI theme totally gives you complete control over CSS; you can combine your CSS with DIVI’s design and enjoy your custom CSS. This is another reason why DIVI is a pretty popular and powerful theme.

You can also add custom CSS to the pages, sections, and to each module of a web page. Each module perfectly handles its own custom CSS, and as mentioned earlier that you can see those changes in real-time.


Create Responsive pages:

DIVI gives you the flexibility to create responsive pages, and that is something it offers you naturally! With DIVI, you can create a responsive website. Feel free to navigate through your website using both mobile and computer. That makes pretty user friendly, and also you can control your website according to how you want to show it on different platforms.


Global Style and Element system:

DIVI theme support does not just remain limited to create pages, but it also implements the best website design system for you. With the DIVI theme, you can manage your website design by using global elements and website wide setting.

Do you sometimes need to use an element on multiple pages? That is quite easy with DIVI because it gives you an opportunity to save the elements and then use it to some other pages if you want.


Redo your Revisions:

One of the worth mentioning things about the DIVI theme is it works as an application. You can keep track of your activities and undo and redo various things. This means DIVI allows you to see through your history, and it eliminates the chances of mistakes.


DIVI theme support for everyone

Building your website is pretty easy with the DIVI theme. It is faster and reliable, you will not have to manage various themes, and instead, you can rely on a single platform. In DVI, you get a lot of pre-existing designs that you can make use of.

So whether you are a free-lancer or some agency DVI theme can support and meet all of your requirements.

Though while using DIVI, you feel everything is running smoothly. But there are times when you need to ask something about the theme and some of the features, highlight an issue, consult or take advice about the product.

For having answers to all your questions, amazing support is available for you.

DIVI theme is a product of elegantthemes.com that provides amazing support and after-sales services, and you always feel comfortable when you know that amazing support is always there for you.


Best modules and customization:


DIVI does provide you with different modules that you can make use of. You can add a call to actions, blogs theme, sliders, gallery, testimonials, Forms on your website, and a lot more.

Now creating stunning websites regardless of what it is about is not a difficult thing!

With DIVI, you can transform elements on your page, take control of your text, rotate it, and scale it according to your requirement. You can add a shadow of elements, hover over styling, shape dividers, and a lot of other customizations and features that help you build beautiful and elegant web pages.

This all has been possible because of the DIVI theme, which takes the creation of a website to a whole new level.

DIVI does provide you with different modules that you can make use of. You can add a call to actions, blogs theme, sliders, gallery, testimonials, Forms on your website, and a lot more.


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Over A Thousand Pre-Made Website Layouts

Yes, Divi comes with over a thousand pre-made website layouts for FREE! This means with Divi, you have the option to either build your website from scratch or install one of the many pre-made
layouts available to make your life easy.


Customize everything to the tiniest detail.

  • Hover state styling
  • Shape dividers
  • Border options
  • Fonts & texts styling
  • Advanced coding editing

And much more…


Design beautifully, responsive websites more efficiently than ever with Divi.

  • Multi-select & bulk editing
  •  Find & replace styles
  • Copy & paste styles
  • Keyboard shortcuts

And much more…


Divi provides functions that make it dramatically easy for anyone to build beautiful, professionalgrade WordPress websites without ANY coding skills.

  • A fluid & intuitive interface
  • History, auto saves & browser backups
  • Quick page creation
  • Builder settings & control

And much more…


Ready To Start Creating Beautiful Websites In
Minutes With Zero Coding Skills?

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